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What does marketing mean when selling your home?

2 Jul 2012 iProperty Network 0 Comment

Selling your home is not something that you do with much frequency and as such you often find yourself discussing things that are not familiar. It is really important that you talk to your real estate agent as it is their role to guide you through the sales process. They are here to help guide you through this process and to make you feel as comfortable as possible at every step of the way.

One thing that we often get asked by clients is what is marketing and how does this relate to selling a home. Marketing is all of the activity that we undertake on your behalf to sell your home. It is the marketing activities that will help get people through your home.

One of the things that you need to understand when selling your home is exactly what marketing activity an agent will undertake to sell your home. This can vary greatly between agents. It is also really important to understand how the costs of marketing will be distributed. In some cases, if a real estate agent offers an extremely low fee the cost of marketing is placed entirely on the home owner whereas other agents will include the cost of marketing in their fees. You should understand this apportion of costs before you sign with an agent.

Sometimes there are new or unique marketing activities that your agent might recommend or that you as the seller feel you might like to try. Your agent will have a marketing plan for your home and if there is something that sits outside this you can discuss this with your agent and decide how this may assist the existing marketing plan.

Overall, the term ‘marketing’ describes all activities undertaken to sell your home. This includes the following:

Your agent will have a specific marketing plan to sell your home. This will have a variety of different options to help maximise the exposure your home gets and to assist you in achieving the price you want for your home. We always encourage our clients to talk to us about anything that might be confusing for them. This means if we are presenting ideas that you may not understand such as ‘marketing plans’ you should always feel comfortable asking us to explain these things to you. It is really important that you take in to consideration the marketing plan your agent presents as they will have dedicated a lot of their time and expertise in to getting this right for your home.

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